Funding for the Western Sailing Team comes from a small budget founded by Western's Office of Campus Recreation and the Sport Club Council. Please consider making a donation to support our team.

Join WWU Sailing

Interested in participating? Western's Sailing Team not only focuses on advanced sailing, but welcomes sailors of any ability.


Fall/Spring Quarter

Monday / Wednesday - 3:30pm
Friday - 2:30pm

Winter Quarter

Monday / Wednesday / Thursday - 2:30pm

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Carter Erickson, co-captain

Dillon Kilroy, co-captain

Our Facility

Directions to Lakewood


Niki Alden
Bekah Arvila
Reilly Berkshire
Madelyn Carr
Kate Chandler
Amber Crabb
Chloe Dawson
Giancarlo Defrancesco
Carter Dojan
Carter Erickson
Emily Hammond
Richard Hill
Brendan Holland
Jordanne Johnson
Marijke Jorna
Dillon Kilroy
Marco Kollia
Kalli Light
Max Paulin
Fiona McBride

Benjamin Morasch
Camille Ottaway
Audrey Prewitt
Sandra Rost
Erin Ruark
Lily Sadighmehr
Sydney Salesky
Harry Saliba
Chandler Sharp
Karey Sharp
Spencer Shear
Yumi Shridhar
Emily Tan
Max Van Dam
Ezekiel Ward
Clark Weitkamp
Piper Wolters
Bay Whitney


Carter Erickson, co-captain

Dillon Kilroy, co-captain

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